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Bootlegers Strike Back: Nendoroid Petit


Today we’re gonna talk about bootleg figures. Again. Fake Nendoroid Petits to be more precise.

Unfortunately I only have photos of the Vocaloid set, but I guess these are enough to make one notice fake products in the future. Once more, these figures have been spotted at Liberdade district, in São Paulo. Pics were taken at the same store where I’ve spotted bootlegs before, so it’s not much of a surprise. What really upsets me is that it’s getting somewhat easy to come across counterfeit Nendoroid Petits around here, specially those from the Vocaloid and Death Note sets. I really don’t get it, since I imagine one cannot make much of a profit with fakes of non-expensive non-exclusive figures… Anyway, let’s take a look at the pics, shall we?

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Shikinami’s anniversary


Okay, I’m not talking about myself, but about my first year blogging anniversary. Believe or not, it all started in January the 1st. This means there’s been more than 1 year since this prototype of a blog is online! Weeeeee!


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October’s loot, yay!


I’m very lucky, I shall tell you. This is the second time in a row both HLJ and HSJ boxes arrived the same day. And to make things even better: no taxes collected again, yay!

I was a bit uneasy with shipping stuff by SAL, but Read more…

Fake Nendoroids alert!


Yep, this is another post on counterfeit figures. Unfortunately, I’m getting used to discovering more and more bootlegs around, which is certainly one of the reasons why I gave up on buying locally and became a loyal customer of Hobby Search Japan, AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, and other trustworthy retailers. Well, today we’ll take a look at some fake Nendoroids. They were spotted at Liberdade district in São Paulo, most of them at the same store where I’ve found that counterfeit Saber Lily Figma.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take as many pictures as I’d like since the store’s clerk is getting a bit suspicious of me already. I do not blame him since I’d really find awkward if someone drops by occasionally just to take photos of the same figures and then leave.  ^^;;

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September’s loot


Got a lovely surprise when I got home today.

I just couldn’t believe both Hobby Search Japan and Hobby Link Japan packages arrived the same day.  (WARNING: there’s at least one image that is NSFW below) Read more…

Anime Friends 2010


Another event coverage, but this time I’ll try to keep things short, right? I know I wrote quite a lot on Cofesta 2010 just to realize later that people rarely read more than 700 words articles on web, oh well… ^^;;

Anime Friends is the largest anime convention in Brazil, its organizers also claim it to be the largest in Latin America, but I’m not sure about that since I don’t know much about the cons in Mexico. Anyway, it’s the most traditional anime event in Brazil and it’s being held every July (Winter vacations in Brazil) in the city of São Paulo since 2003. I attended it last Saturday (July 17) and below this paragraph you’ll find some photos I took during the day. My sister lent me her Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, which is slightly better than my old Olympus x-750, but she only gave it to me during the event, which did not allow me to check all it’s capable of. Therefore, I’m sorry for the poor quality of some images.

Most of the pics are from cosplayers I’ve spotted and from the shows during the night. I hope you enjoy them and please, do point out the names of the characters I do not know. ^^ Shy cosplayers (do they exist?) that want their pics removed may contact me. E sim, eu falo português, no worries.

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Super Smash Bros and the World Cup


I’m not a soccer fan; never were, and never will be. But I just had to make a demotivational poster of this. XD Self explainable if you’re familiar with Super Smash Bros. Thanks to @De_JaY for uploading the pic of De Jong’s kick.

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