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Anime Friends 2010


Another event coverage, but this time I’ll try to keep things short, right? I know I wrote quite a lot on Cofesta 2010 just to realize later that people rarely read more than 700 words articles on web, oh well… ^^;;

Anime Friends is the largest anime convention in Brazil, its organizers also claim it to be the largest in Latin America, but I’m not sure about that since I don’t know much about the cons in Mexico. Anyway, it’s the most traditional anime event in Brazil and it’s being held every July (Winter vacations in Brazil) in the city of São Paulo since 2003. I attended it last Saturday (July 17) and below this paragraph you’ll find some photos I took during the day. My sister lent me her Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, which is slightly better than my old Olympus x-750, but she only gave it to me during the event, which did not allow me to check all it’s capable of. Therefore, I’m sorry for the poor quality of some images.

Most of the pics are from cosplayers I’ve spotted and from the shows during the night. I hope you enjoy them and please, do point out the names of the characters I do not know. ^^ Shy cosplayers (do they exist?) that want their pics removed may contact me. E sim, eu falo português, no worries.

Final Fantasy XIII – Hope and Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII – Snow and Serah

Tim Burton’s Hatter


Super Mario gangster team?

Bleach people?

Some Naruto guy fighting

Forgot the name of the character, but I know it’s from some Final Fantasy. At first I thought it was the Black Mage from FF Tactics, but there’s no Chocobo there.  Maybe it’s Vivi Orunitia from Final Fantasy IX?

Argh! Also forgot the name of the series…

Claire from Claymore

DC comic characters group (+Venom Spider Man as an intruder)

Shinku, Suiseiseki and Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden

Chrono Trigger

MOAR Final Fantasy. The one in the middle is Lulu, I don’t remember the names of the other two. ^^;;

Russia and Lithuania from Hetalia.

Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway (Hetalia)

Prussia! (Hetalia)

Belarus from… Hetalia again!

Hetalia galore! Japan’s hiding behind that Hello Kitty. XD Loved to see how Hetalia grew that popular in Brazil. And now, thanks to NewPop, the manga of Hetalia Axis Powers will be released in Portuguese this year, yay!

Gurren Lagann group: Kamina, Anti-Spiral Nia, Viral, Yoko and adult Simon.

And now for the shows! This year’s guests were Akira Kushida, Shinichi Ishihara, Takayuki Miyauchi (they performed on July 10-11), Aural Vampire (unique show on Saturday, July 17), Chihiro Yonekura, Minami Kuribayashi, Aki Misato and Piyo Rabbie (shows on July 17-18). Photos of the shows on July 17 may be found below.

IMPORTANT: I do not own the rights of the songs and I DO NOT INTEND TO VIOLATE ANY JAPANESE LAW RELATED TO COPYRIGHT OR USE OF IMAGE. If there’s a problem with the videos and photos in this post, please, do contact me and I’ll remove them as soon as possible.

As you may be aware, Piyo Rabbie came to Brazil for Cofesta 2010, you may check my coverage on their show back then here. At that time they’ve said they’d love to return to Brazil in the future. I did expect them to return, but I thought I’d only see them Yoshikawa-san and Namihey-san next year, not less than a semester after their first visit! ^^;;

I took 100+ pics of all shows,but most of them are blurry. These are the best in the bunch. Sorry about that, I’m a bad photographer and I admit it. More pics of Piyorabbie’s Usagino Namihey below.

Their show was somewhat nice, but the place was so crowded that there was no space to wotagei suru (dance wotagei in Japanese), which was very sad. You know, if you never danced wotagei chances are that you’ll find it awkward, crazy or simply hazukashii (a Japanese word used to describe situations one would feel ashamed or embarrassed). I also thought all of that, but after giving it a try I just discovered that it’s also awesomely fun. I really don’t understand what the organizers were thinking when they decided to let them perform in a place they could not interact with the audience. =/ Anyway, they sang “Chad-la Head Chad-la,” “Pegasus Fantasy” and two other songs I don’t remember now. ^^;;

Aki Misato’s show was just awesome. From all guests, she was the one that seemed to enjoy herself the most. She also deserves some extra points for wearing this awesome kimono.

Misato-san sang Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete (Strawberry Panic), Disarm Dreamer (Genshiken 2 – yeah, awesomeness!), Gendai Maho no theme (Soul Hunter), and Blood Queen (Kaibutsu Oujo OP).

Disarm Dreamer is one my favorite opening themes ever, I was so glad Misato-san sang it. =3

Chihiro Yonekura, for the first time in Brazil, also performed very well. She sang Yakusoku no Basho e (Kaleido Star), Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite (Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team OP), Ten (Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team ED) and Will (Soul Hunter).

Never watched any of the Gundam series, but some people told me Chihiro’s Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite is the best Gundam OP ever. It’s a great song indeed, but I’d like to hear the opinion of Gundam fans out there on this.

As you can see below, the camera seemed to love Minami Kuribayashi, most of the nice pics left are of her. ^^;;

I really, really wanted to try talking to her or at least have her autograph my Chrono Crusade manga, but there were no such possibilities since the guests were confined in the dressing-rooms, which were, of course, off-limits for most people, myself included.

And here we have Kuribayashi-san engulfed by light. =D

She sang Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (Chrono Crusade), Precious Memories (Rumbling Hearts), Crystal Energy (Mai Otome) and, Shining Days (Mai Otome), and Yell! (Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars ED). I was expecting her to sing Meiya Kadenrou (Katanagatari OP) and Unreal Paradise (Kämpfer OP), but I guess the audience wouldn’t be familiar with these titles since they’re way too recent. ^^;;

Next pic is not exactly great (somewhat blurry), but I’ve decided to post it since it looks like Kuribayashi-san was waving to me. Kawaii! 可愛い

If you want to follow any of these lovely ladies on twitter, I’ll help you do it, here: Aki Misato, Chihiro Yonekura, Minami Kuribayashi, and Piyorabbie (Usagino Namihey and Sunao Yoshikawa).

As for Aural Vampire, it was forbidden to take pics or to film the show, so I’ve got nothing to show you. Their style may be defined as a mix of electro-pop, techno and gothic; which was quite interesting, I shall say. I’m not a big fan of electronic music, but I did enjoy some of their songs, specially Cannibal Coast, which you can check out the PV on YouTube.

In case you are wondering, Aural Vampire is a duo formed by RAVEMAN, the “zombie DJ” and the vocalist EXO-CHIKA. And it’s ok to look for more pics of Exo-chika since she’s bery cute. ^_^;;

Well, I guess that’s pretty much of a coverage. And I did write more than 700 words, oh my… I promise I’ll try to write smaller posts in the future.

Ah, almost forgot, at the goods booths I found this:

I’ve always wanted Figma Haruhi Chouyuusha Ver., but this one was being sold for BRS 999! That means approximately USD 570 or 49,600 yen! It came with the game and everything else, but gee, that’s the price of a Mini Dollfie Dream. Madness, I’ll tell you.

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  1. finallyvegan permalink
    2010/07/25 1:45 AM

    kiá! I was there! Hehe! But my pictures were not so great as yours! Hehehe!

    • 2010/07/29 10:53 AM

      Hey there! Am glad you liked my pics. Did you upload yours? I’d like to take a look on them. There was so many thing to do there I barely payed much attention to all cosplayers attending the event. =3

      BTW, pode deixar recados em português se quiser. XD

  2. 2010/07/25 5:16 AM

    OMG! That’s an awesome event, especially the singers! To me these are some of the greatest singers I’ve heard… I really wish I could hear them in concert >_< Must've been an awesome show! It's unfortunate you couldn't get their autographs, but I'm jealous that you were even there to see them live!

    • 2010/07/29 11:19 AM

      I agree with you, this year’s guests were pretty awesome, but I still jealous that you attended AX and got all those autographs (even Nendo Luka!). I guess we’re even. XD

      The shows really made my day, I got there quite early and was very near them, at about 3 meters from the stage. I guess the greatest advantage of living here is that these conventions are not expensive: Tickets were sold by 17 USD/ 30 BRS and granted you full access to the event (which also comprised an Asian multi-ethnical fair, a comic convention and a game show).

  3. 2010/07/27 10:35 AM

    I just wanted to comment your blog site and say that I genuinely enjoyed reading your website post here. It was really informative and I also digg the way you write! Continue the good work and I’ll be back to read far more soon mate

    • 2010/07/29 11:20 AM

      Thank you bery much my friend! Am planning a post on bootleg nendoroids for next week, so stay tuned. XD

  4. 2010/08/06 10:35 AM

    Olááá HAHAH vi q poderia deixar recados em portugues, queria agradecer pela foto do grupo de Gurren Lagann XD Sou a Yoko de lá ^^

    Estou pegando a foto.




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