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September’s loot


Got a lovely surprise when I got home today.

I just couldn’t believe both Hobby Search Japan and Hobby Link Japan packages arrived the same day.  (WARNING: there’s at least one image that is NSFW below)

It sure took quite some time, since both were shipped late-August. But I guess I’ve nothing to complain about since I’ve chosen to ship both by SAL. Besides, Brazil is known for keeping items at the customs forever, so if you look that way it wasn’t that slow.

Now let’s take a look at the girls who joined my army. Muhahaha

First, the HLJ box…

Yep, it’s MegaHouse Aldora! Always loved the upper half of this figure but “that thing” kept me away from buying her for quite some time. But when I discovered she was on sale at HLJ for mere 1,800 yen, I just couldn’t resist. ^^;

If you’re not familiar to Aldora and her “thing”, here’s a pic.

Aldora is a very special addition to my army since she’s my very first ecchi figure. And she’s so ecchi I’ll have to hide her when visitors drop by (basically because that “thing” is not removable)  ^^; Good thing is that now I’m motivated to watch Queen’s Blade. Always liked some characters, such as Alice, Alleyne, Erina, and Mirin , but never got to watch the series for some reason, hmm…

Now, for the Hobby Search Box.

Hmm… Wonder if the girls are fine beneath this suffocating paper-thing.

I’m very glad to say that both Azusa-chan and Kuroi-chan arrived just fine. Boxes are intact despite there was nothing but paper to keep them safe. The sad thing is that part of the mouth of one of Azusa’s faces is a bit faint, but it’s hardly noticeable.

And here we have the three girls together.

I haven’t unboxed them yet because – and I’m very ashamed to admit this – I have no place to display them. At the moment I’m saving some money to get myself some nice glass shelves, but that’s gonna take a while. ^^

Ah, almost forgot: no duties were collected this time, yay!

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  1. 2010/09/22 3:35 PM

    The mouth on one of the faces my Mio figma has is also a bit faint as well!
    Nice to see everything arrived in nice condition though, damaged boxes are never fun D:

    • 2010/09/27 10:53 AM

      Your Mio figma has the same problem, eh? Hope this is just a coincidence. Always regarded Max Factory as a manufacturer with great quality control, hope that’s not changing.

      And yep, damaged boxes are a thorn in the neck, but so far I’ve manage to avoid them. =D

  2. 2011/01/06 8:16 PM

    Haha people just can’t resist getting the spiked futanari XD I actually bought the red version too. So I actually have 2 versions of Aldra ^^;

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