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October’s loot, yay!


I’m very lucky, I shall tell you. This is the second time in a row both HLJ and HSJ boxes arrived the same day. And to make things even better: no taxes collected again, yay!

I was a bit uneasy with shipping stuff by SAL, but so far I’ve got no problems. As a matter of fact, if you are live in South America, chances are that merchandise shipped by EMS will take longer to reach you than if you’ve shipped them by SAL (EMS generally takes 6-8 weeks, so far SAL never took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive). Why? Because SAL shipments hardly ever get stuck in the customs. The great lesson I’ve learned is that SAL is indeed the best way to ship anything from Japan to Brazil: Not only I will have to deal with smaller shipping costs, I’ll face fewer risks of having to pay absurd import duties. And avoiding taxes is the golden rule here, since having to pay 60% of the merchandise value in taxes would definitely hurt the following month’s loot. ^^;

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s inside of those boxes.

First, let’s take a look at the HLJ box. When I first noticed its size, I have thought they’ve shipped the wrong item. Why? Well, pictures speak a thousand words, so take a look yourself.

Now you know what I’ve meant: I bought a tie and they sent it to me in a box that nearly fits an umbrella! No complains here, but I guess they exaggerated a bit XD Anyway, this is my lovely new tie, and I plan to use it in my college graduation ceremony next year. Azunyan FTW! =)

Now, to the next box.

I’m so glad I’m finally able to put my hands on Haruhi’s armband. I’ve been wanting to buy one since 2008, but it was sold out everywhere. Thanks Heaven HSJ got some of the last shipments last month. I’ll also try to wear the armband during my graduation, I just hope people will allow me to do so.

But more importantly, to the figures!

First figure is Sci-Fi Revoltech Mothra! An awesome acquisition, if I may say. You may not be aware of this, but kaiju movies (怪獣映画, literally monster movies) were my first contact with the Land of the Rising Sun. Toho’s monsters, specially Godzilla, Mothra, and King Guidorah were an important part of my childhood, so when I heard Kaiyodo was making Revoltech versions of them I just couldn’t help but to feel this great wave of nostalgia. And of course, a sudden urge to collect all of them as well. XD Now I’ve got a big problem: I’m split between two types of figures: kaiju and bishoujo. All I know is that it’ll certainly be even more difficult to balance my budget from now on. ^^;

Now, to the last figure. As expected, it just had to be Asuka again.

She’s absolutely gorgeous. One of the finest Asuka figures I’ve seen so far. I was a bit blue because quite some people commented that Alter’s version was much more beautiful personally. But now I see there was no point in regretting ordering her since she’s just perfect, period. It’s true she does seem a bit older than the original Asuka, but one cannot possibly neglect the great job made by Kotobukiya here. If Alter’s even better, then I’ll just bow to them.

And the complete loot shot:

And since I still have no place to display my figures, they’ll have to be kept in these boxes for a while longer. With so many great figures being released each month, I’ll only be able to buy some new shelves by February. ^^;;

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  1. 2010/12/02 12:03 PM

    Haha it would be so awesome if you were allowed to wear that armband for graduation, if not just try and sneak it on XD
    A great loot all round i cant wait to see them unboxed!

  2. 2010/12/19 4:03 PM

    I love the azusa necktie 😀

  3. 2011/01/11 8:18 PM

    @TAKET0MB0 If everything goes well, I’ll be wearing the armband during a wedding ceremony. I’d like to think of that as a preview of what’s coming XD

    @Mizorui The Azusa tie was cutest out of the bunch realeased by Taki Corporation. Got her for 2,000 yen via HLJ. Don’t know if they still have it in stock though.

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