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Bootlegers Strike Back: Nendoroid Petit


Today we’re gonna talk about bootleg figures. Again. Fake Nendoroid Petits to be more precise.

Unfortunately I only have photos of the Vocaloid set, but I guess these are enough to make one notice fake products in the future. Once more, these figures have been spotted at Liberdade district, in São Paulo. Pics were taken at the same store where I’ve spotted bootlegs before, so it’s not much of a surprise. What really upsets me is that it’s getting somewhat easy to come across counterfeit Nendoroid Petits around here, specially those from the Vocaloid and Death Note sets. I really don’t get it, since I imagine one cannot make much of a profit with fakes of non-expensive non-exclusive figures… Anyway, let’s take a look at the pics, shall we?

I do believe most of the problems are quite easy to spot, eh? Before even saying anything, let’s compare the last pic with an official shot:

Just in case you do not trust official shots (since most of them depict prototypes), here’s a shot from tsuki-board member fraven:

Most blatant sign of problem: the Nendoroids in the first pic have a line in the middle of their heads. Those lines indicate where pieces are connected during manufacture, and, well, they are not meant to be seen in the final product. You can easily spot them in both Miku and Kaito.

I’m pretty sure you’ve also noticed the poor painting job done there. Namely, they’ve got almost all the colors wrong for both Meiko and Luka. Here, compare those with originals:

Bootleg Neru suffers from the same problems. Actually, she’s in such a bad shape that even her eyes do not feel right no matter how you look at them:

You may well spot some creepy facial expressions in these bootlegs, such as this Miku:

And, just in case wrong colors, plasticky painting, scary eyes, and wacky facial expressions weren’t enough for you, there are also some quite noticeable paint imperfections and rough spots…

As I’ve said more than once, and all photos here speak for themselves, this kind of stuff would NEVER meet Good Smile Company’s quality standards.

Once more I recommend not buying if you’re uneasy, as, at least for me, it’s not worth to taking the risk.

If you want to be sure you’re buying legit stuff, you should stick with stores that get their merchandise via AAA Anime Distribution or buy online from reputable dealers such as AmiAmi, Hobby Search Japan, HobbyLink Japan and J-List. And if by some unfortunate turn of the tide you end up with a bootleg in your hands, post some pics online and give the seller some negative feedback if possible.

You may also want to check my last posts on counterfeit figures: Bootleg Figmas Spotted and Fake Nendoroids Alert.

I should also credit some tsuki-board members as some of their pics were used for the comparisons:
Meiko Nendoroid Petits from user kuromono
Nendo Puchi Luka pic from Mako-chan’s gallery
– That lovely photo of Nendo Puchi Neru from copperchief’s pics

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  1. 2011/01/11 1:05 AM

    I got a set of Lucky Star Petits from Amazon for $20ish a while back. 5 of them. I should’ve known they were bootleg :/. At least it appears they’re not on Amazon anymore.

  2. 2011/01/11 8:38 PM

    Long time no seen comrade @Slyphoria!

    I’ve heard of many bootlegs being sold on e-Bay, never heard a thing about Amazon. Are those as bad as the Vocaloid set above?

  3. 2011/01/23 7:58 PM

    Nya~ Uglyy bootlegs! >..<

  4. 2011/05/10 9:42 PM

    Are u brazilian? Coz if u are, well, Liberty and 25 de marco are well known for selling all kinds of fake stuff, are u RLY surprised? xD

    I got the 2 Death note Case Files fakes, the 1st one I didn’t know, but the 2nd one was my choice – the reason u may ask, is coz I paid 130 dinheiros on the full set, while ONE of the 11 figures would cost 30, at least! So, yeah, they’re fake, but since petits don’t move anyways, don’t come with spare parts or whatever, it doesn’t bother me ^^

    Figmas on the other hand… xP

  5. Spump permalink
    2011/07/01 3:53 AM

    Whole some of the statements are true, you did state some incorrect facts. I have the set of Vocaloid nendoroid petites, and while the paint job in the bootlegs are HORRIBLE, the sculpting isn’t the worst part of it. While non of the nendoroids in this set include interchangeable expressions, the ‘bang piece’ can be detached from the figure in the original as well. notice how those angles of the official products don’t show the seam? it’s just so they don’t look as bad. Also, the little peice of luka’s hair is movable in the official product as well.

  6. 2012/01/02 2:56 AM

    I hope my figures are legit, it is so horrible to sell bootleg anime goods to us fans.

  7. MatsuyoChan permalink
    2012/01/14 8:03 PM

    I have the Vocaloid bootlegs and honestly I can’t complain. The originals look way better, but I paid for what I got and what I got I’m happy with.

  8. Kandy owo permalink
    2012/03/10 3:26 AM

    Wow i bought a bootleg of Meiko, (with the more orange outfit) and she was okay i just re painted her eyes.


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