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Well, I suppose that’s it. A blog it is.

So, for the big question: What’s Shikinami all about? Well, it depends if you’re talking about the author or about the blog itself.


Shikinami would define himself as an East Asia otaku and as a Japanophile. And he’s like this since June 2007, when he went to the finals of the Brazilian Round of World Cosplay Summit. Today he studies East Asia in general, focusing on Japan, China and Korea, being interested from politics to culture, economics, and law. He also claims to be a beginner as an otaku (considering the Western meaning of the term).


The blog is a project that started by February 2009, when he was both amazed and amused by someone’s blog. But for numerous reasons, he kept postponing it till now.

This blog is very likely to be random. You’ll see themes from anime, figures and Cosplay related stuff to opinions about pieces of news and even some slices of the author’s everyday life. And please, be warned, by “random” it is also implied that this blog will not have posts with a regular periodicity.

– Shikinami is a reference to the author’s utmost idol Shikinami Asuka Langley (also known as Souryuu Asuka Langley if you prefer). The kanji in the blog header stand for Shikinami: 式 (しき – shiki) means equation, expression or ceremony, while 波 (なみ – nami) means wave.

– Comments will be replied in the same language they were written whenever possible. You may leave comments in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French, but the latter two are not encouraged since Shikinami knows nothing but the very basics of both languages.


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